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Kocheishvily Boris

Born in Moscow in 1940.
In 1962, he graduated from Moscow Art School In memory of 1905.
In 1964, joined the Moscow Union of Artists.
He participated in numerous exhibitions and major international art fairs.
1981 Exhibiton 23-. CHA (Central House of Artists). scow.
1988 Exhibition in Chicago, USA.
1988 Exhibition . France.
1992 Exhibiton in Salzburg, Austria.
1998 oscow artists visiting Chagal. Chagal Museum. Vitebsk. Belorussia.
1998 Personal exhibition in Les Oreades gallery. CHA scow.
1998 Project Graphical study. New collection gallery. scow.
1999 Littoral. Personal exhibition in New collections gallery. scow.
2000 urope (together with noy Kuznetsovoi). G.rusa.
2000 Art Brussels. Belgium. (Stand at the New collections gallery).
2001 Personal exhibition in Les Oreades gallery. scow. 2001 Personal exhibition in the framework of the Novosibirsk graphics out of competition programme.
Since 1990 he has been working in close co-operation with the Russia-French Gallery "Les Oreades".

Kotcheishvili`s works are held at the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Public Russian Museum, the Engravings and Prints Room of the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum and other museums. His paintings can also be found in private collections in Russia and abroad.

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