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Smirnov Victor

Was born in 1931, December 24 in Gus-Khrustalny.
In 1946 he entered the Vladimir Art College and right after graduation in 1949 started working at the Vladimir Artist Association.
1953 − member of USSR Art Fund Department
1953 − participant in the first regional exhibition
1973 − member of Russian Artists Union of USSR 2001 − corresponding member of the Petrov Academy of Science and Arts
2003 − full member of the Petrov Academy of Science and Arts
2007 − Honoured Artist of Russian Federation
Smirnovs artistic work is quite various: portraits, graphics and landscapes. Theres still that historical aspect within his paintings such as landscapes with views of the old city of Vladimir or Bogolyubovo or portraits of regents of ancient Vladimir earth.

His paintings which follow Russian art tradition of Nesterov, Ryabushkin, Rerikh have a certain air of realism in them. Viktor Smirnov tends to be a pretty prolific artist as has taken part in more than 70 exhibitions within 50 years of his creative development, including 4 personal ones.
Some of the artists paintings are in the Russian Ministry of Art, the Rostov State reserve museum, in the museums of Vladimir, Vyazniki, Yuryev-Polsky and more than 850 paintings are stored in private collections in Japan, France, Holland, Italy, Czech Republic and the USA.

Viktor Smirnov lives and works in Vladimir.

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