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The idea for creating the gallery came in 1981 by a French musician, Edmond Rosenfeld. The name of the gallery can be translated as "mountain nymphs" - "oreades". In 1989, Rosenfeld, then the director of three branches of "LES OREADES" in France (Paris, Toulouse, and Loushonne), came to Russia, and in 1990 a fruitful cooperation between Russian artists and the gallery began. Therefore, we consider that year the creation of the Russian branch of "Les Oreades".

-- Our first Russian authors were: the great painter from Lipetsk, Viktor Sorokin; the leader of the painting school in the city of Vladimir, Vladimir Yukin; the artist-monumentalist from Moscow, Tamara Shilovskaya; the well-known Russian native master, Viltor Elkonin, etc. Also, in the early 1990s, Europeans could see their work in international exhibitions such as "Europa-Art" in Geneva and in yearly art exhibits in Paris, Toulouse, and Bordeaux. Soon, the exhibition activity of the gallery began to develop successfully in Moscow, at first in the hall of the Artists' Union of Russia at 25 Tverskaya Street, then, in 1995, at the Central Hall of Artists.

-- In the summer of 1997, the exposition "Summer in the Oreades" showed, for the first time, an exhibition of a whole family of artists: Fedorov, Chekmarev, Osipov and Favorskaya. Sixty artists participated in all.

In 1999, we had the idea to place a part of our collection in the Marco Polo-Presnya Hotel, where we show individual exhibits of new artists every month, and whose opening days are celebrated with classical music concerts. A little later, the gallery began to show exhibitions in the Business Centre at Paveletskaya.

One recent programme at "Les Oreades" that is interesting is a periodic show of the works of the best artists from Russian provinces. Under this programme, the Moscow public can see works by artists from Tula, Yaroslavl', Vladimir, Kostroma, Saratov, Nizhniy Novgorod etc.


The general direction and style of the works exhibited in "LES OREADES" have been fine tuned by two directors: Edmond Rosenfeld and Liliya Slavinskaya.

The gallery's main goal is to show works by key masters from the second half of the 20th century and the present, including painters, graphic artists and sculptors, guided in their art by developing artistic thought and current esthetic values.

During the course of its long-lived activity, the gallery has contributed to the fruitful development of such recognized masters as Pyotr Dik, Viktor Yukin, Mikhail Anikeev, Boris Kocheyshvili, Yuliy Perevezentsev, Sergey Shomin et al. In addition, another important direction in the gallery's work is the pursuit and discovery of new names. Some artists in this category include Zhak Ikhmal'yan, Tamara Shilovskaya, Viktor Sorokin, Aron Bukh, Evgeniy Zhidkov, Anatoliy Purlik, Valerie Kokurin and Khamid Savkuev.

The works in the gallery reflect, in many ways, a new modernist line guided by a wide spectrum of Russian and foreign modernism from the 2oth century. It is not reducible, per se, to the passive reproduction of stable traditions or to radical avant-garde experiments. This modernist line proves to be interesting and multifold within the gallery's collection. Additionally, Ikhmal'yan's and Kocheyshvili's "neo-symbolist" works, Bukh's and Sorokin's "neo-expressive" canvases, Shilovskaya's "neo-avantgard" drawings, Yuliy Perevezentsev's, and Aleksey Lantsev's "neo-abstract" compositions, Evgeniy Zhidkov's "Russian impressionism" works, Khamid Savkuevs simbolist drawings and Pyotr Dik's and Sergey Medvedev's "neo-metaphysical" fantasies must be noted.

The stylistics of the exhibited works is not limited by figurative art, but include abstract works as well. The main criteria for selection were: unquestionable professionalism of the author, a high level of culture in his art, and the uniqueness of his artistic expression.

One of the basic principles of the gallery's exhibition policy is the establishment of long-term fruitful relationships with artists in order to showcase the dynamics of their professional development in the context of regular individual and group exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Other than this, the gallery works with the heritage of lesser-known but unquestionably worthy masters of the 20th century, contributing to the actualization of their work in the context of contemporary culture. Finally, a series of exhibitions dedicated to the work of the best masters from Russian provinces can be considered a new direction in the gallery's practice.

Thus, the conception of "LES OREADES" includes questions of temporary, stylistic and high-quality criteria for selecting works of art, and also basic principles of its exhibition policy, which determine a certain place for the gallery in the institutional space of contemporary art activity.

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