The idea for creating the gallery came in 1981 by a French musician, Edmond Rosenfeld. The name of the gallery can be translated as "mountain nymphs" - "oreades". In 1989, Rosenfeld, then the director of three branches of "LES OREADES" in France (Paris, Toulouse, and Loushonne), came to Russia, and in 1990 a fruitful cooperation between Russian artists and the gallery began. Therefore, we consider that year the creation of the Russian branch of  "Les Oreades".

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Slavinskaya Lilia

View information: "Baikal"
Titov Yury Alexsandrovich (1963)
View information: Cafe near sea
Belokhvostova Nina (1994)
Cafe near sea
View information: Celebration
Akilov Aleksander (2006)
View information: Kafiristan
Akilov Aleksander
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Akilov Aleksander (2014)
Light day
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Bukh Aron
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Akilov Aleksander (2010)
Morning of the gardener
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Akilov Aleksander (2006)
Quiet evening
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Roskin Vladimir (1965)
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17.01.2017|"Three cold poles" of Lilija Slavinskaya (Fillo). 17 January 2017.
Till 17 March 2017
17.01.2017|"Three cold poles" of Lilija Slavinskaya (Fillo).The exhibition is open!
On January 17 in the Russian-German House in Moscow the personal exhibition of the unique artist Lilija Slavinskaya (Fillo) is open. The Arctic, Antarctic and Tibet. Till March 17, 2017.
25.12.2016|Sonorously and joyfully celebrate the New Year of the Cock!
Dear friends! Sonorously, joy and bright you enter into a new 2017! I wish all the enthusiasm and courage! Good luck and good health!
07.11.2016|"LEAVE ME IN OREADES!"
Opening days: On November 9, 18:00. Anatoly Purlik. 60 anniversary. On November 12, 17:00. Vladimir Dzhemesyuk represents new works.Central House of Artists, 2nd floor, 5th hall.
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