Echibitions in Moscow and Russia : Russian modern artists. Gallery LES OREADES collection.
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AURORA. Export-licence for art-works.
Export-licence for art-works.




Romanov not only inspires artists on creation of products, but new genres of the modern art here are born.

Painters Ilya Komov and Olga Motovilova – Komova have organically grown into this city in literal sense of this word – in Romanov they create a new direction in art: a monumental list with texts on a usual board fence. (Last opening day of a fence has passed on August, 4th in Romanov with the assistance of the Parisian gallery "I-gallery").

The sculptor Natalia Motovilova in Romanov has opened a new genre – a soft sculpture - the products created by means of fabrics. Works of this cycle are presented at an exhibition.

Romanov's sharp spatial expressiveness has inspired the sculptor to Anastasija Motovilova on creation of essentially new decorative animalistic series. The leading place in it is occupied with the works devoted well-known to the sheep.
Ilya and Olga Komovy show works of last time.
The exhibition works from August, 10th till September, 11th, 2011.
Gallery "Les Oreades - OREADY", CHA, a mezzanine.

City Romanov in the summer: a photo album.


Magic of creativity. August, 2011. "Les Oreades" gallery. more

View the Exhibition - Romanov. Volga. Painting, sculpture. View the Exhibition

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08.12.2010| THE PAINTING HOLIDAY. Collection of LES OREADES Gallery.
8 19 December 2010, Central House of Artist, Hall 5. Inspired imagination of creator of Unreal World, life-asserting harmony of Color and Light, texture of the Canvas and Paint, virtuosity of Brush in the pictures of.
The master Victor Pushkin is in the sight of a new exhibition in Les Oreades Gallery. The last few years he is working in a technique of digital photo. CHA, 2-31 October, 2010.
22.09.2010| Intrigue in the Picture.
The present exposition in the gallery Les Oreades symbolically correlates with the annual exhibition of Kandinskii Premium.
08.09.2009| Project Contemporary artists of Russia - 2009. Sight Petersburg.
For the continuing of our project Contemporary artists of Russia we present the exhibition of artists Elya Nevinnaya from Kaluga and Vladimir Sidorov from N. Novgorod.
18.07.2009| Alexey Listopad. A word about the artist.
The painter, the set designer, the artist of cinema. The bright and original painter. Cloths live, breathe and flicker; at them always there is a certain secret and expectation an image of multidimensionality of the world. Look. Both to you will op
07.11.2008| The Resurrect ed Time of a Great Culture. Amir Timergaleyev.
His creative path is inseparable from that of the late 20th century generation and can be defined as free figurativeness. Catalogue to the exhibition in Kazan in 2008.
20.12.2007| Gallery LES OREADES represents an exhibition of painting of Victor Smirnova. December 2007, CHA.
From December, 16 till December, 23rd, 2007 gallery LES OREADES will present to spectators the present New Year's gift: surprising on the beauty, a full exhibition of known painter Smirnov Victor Ivanovich consisting of 60 cloths which will be p
24.03.2007| Marco Polo Presnja is the first Art Gallery Hotel in Moscow
Gallery Les Oreades and Marco Polo Presnja: the joint exhibition project...
09.03.2006| Opening of the exhibition by Yury Mandaganov. Hotel Marco Polo Hall.
The Opening of the exhibition of Yury Mandaganov from the Republic of Buryatia (Siberia) took place on the 2 nd of March, 2006 in the Hotel Marco Polo Presnia.
07.02.2006| Yury Mandaganov - the artist from the Republic of Buryatia. GENERAL OVERVIEW OF BURYATIA.
Yury Mandaganov - the artist from the Republic of Buryatia. The Republic of Buryatia is situated in the center of the Asian Continent extending from the coniferous forests of East Siberia to the wide steppes of Mongolia.
05.01.2006| An Artist's Emotional Life Reflected in His Paintings. Aron Bukh.
He always remained fiercely independent and original in his style.
Aron Bukh is Russias most famous and colorful living expressionist.
24.11.2005| Savkuev Khamid. Painting. Exhibition in the State Duma. RF.
25.10.2005| Evening over Moscow River. The Russian impressionism in the works of Nikolay Burtov.
The Russian impressionism in the works of Nikolay Burtov has presented itself most brightly at his personal exhibition in...
21.10.2005| Zhak Ikhmalyan. Painting. Tseretely Art Gallery.
The inauguration of the exhibition of Zhak Ikhmalyan has took place on the 20th of October, 2005 at 5:00 pm in the Zurab Tseretely Art gallery.
25.09.2005| The inauguration of the exhibition of Mrs Lilia Slavinskaya
The inauguration of the exhibition of Mrs Lilia Slavinskaya from Moscow took place on the 17th of September in Thoune, Switzerland in the Rosengarten gallery. A large crowd attended the inauguration to meet the artist and to discover her work.
15.05.2005| Zhidkov Evgenii. Russian impressionism.

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