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In Moscow to June 17, 2018 the exhibition of paintings and drawings by Jacques Ikhmalyan.


Purified from the words of real feeling –

pure love without stripes and without dots.

A world free from war –

transparent conscience, whose face is spotless.

A child's curiosity,

scientific knowledge,

honest look,

the city without the noise…

Great culture.

Happiness is beyond measure.

Jacques Ikhmalyan

3 years have passed since then, as Liliya Slavinskaya, the Director of the gallery "Les Oreades – Ореады", first saw a small picture of Jacques Ihmalyan when visiting the family of his son Vache Ikhmalyan. The decision to hold a personal exhibition was made immediately. Understanding the uniqueness of the artist and poet Jacques Ikhmalyan, since 1995, the gallery in Moscow and Paris with Edmond Rosenfeld began to actively promote his work not only in Russia but also in France and through the sale of works around the world. Courage and freedom in the works of Jacques Ikhmalyan became a discovery for the artistic environment of Moscow. In the year of its 95th anniversary as a sign of love and respect gallery "Les Oreades-Ореады" decided to present a collection of paintings in the creative space of the gallery Nico.

Born in Istanbul in 1922, Jacques Ikhmalyan was forced to leave his homeland and emigrated to Syria in 1949, lived in Lebanon, moved to Poland in 1956, China in 1959, lived and worked in Beijing, and moved to Moscow in 1961.

The huge collection created by the artist keeps many secrets and we know only a small part. Jacques Ikhmalyan first worked in Moscow as a stylist editor, taught Turkish At the Institute of Oriental languages, and at the same time, worked tirelessly in his Studio. The artistic heritage of Jacques Ikhmalyan is great and covers more than two thousand works: paintings, drawings, book illustrations and burning wood.

"It is important for me to Express my feelings and thoughts in the simplest form and at the same time not to fall into the primitive, I write what I feel and do not try to decorate my feelings... It is in the wholeness of feeling that the integrity of the picture is laid, its strength, however, is a real shaped laconism."

"The rhythm of the heartbeat" by Jacques Ikhmalyan is consonant with many cultures and it is no coincidence that the artist's works find responses in everyone's soul, regardless of religion or political views.

"I know that the artist creates not only at the moment when he stands at the easel with a brush in his hand, he creates every moment and anywhere, creates mentally – without a brush and without a canvas. I consider sincerity to be the basis of art. Any fantasy can become true art only under one condition, if the artist is sincere."

Jacques Ikhmalyan studied in high school, then in a private French Catholic Lyceum, he took drawing lessons from the famous Turkish artist Abidin Dino, in the late 30-ies joined the Communist party of Turkey, in 1942, he entered the painting Department of Istanbul Academy of fine arts in 1944 was arrested and jailed for political activities. Since 1949 he has been in exile. The artist was bound by a long-standing friendship with the famous Turkish writer and poet Nazim Hikmet. At one of its decorated Ihmalyan books Nazym. Nazim Hikmet wrote in one of his Ikhmalyan-decorated books: "one day I will write poems that will be worthy of your drawings." In April 1978, the artist was gone, he was buried in Yerevan.

Currently, the works of Jacques Ikhmalyan are in the state Tretyakov gallery, the Pushkin state Museum of fine arts, the Museum of Oriental art, the Museum of musical culture named after mi Glinka, the Museum Echmiadzin Cathedral (collection of the Catholicos), the Union of artists of the Russian Federation, as well as in Kaunas, Vilnius, Yerevan. They are also stored in numerous private collections in Russia and abroad: Turkey, USA, Lebanon, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Israel, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Iran.

Acquaintance with the people's artist of the USSR Tair Salakhov influenced the life and work of Jacques Ikhmalyan in Russia. In 1979, Tair Salakhov wrote: "in his paintings, the elastic energy was boiling, they exuded freshness and poetry. I think that Jacques Ikhmalyan in his best works is a" great artist " of our time, a master who has been able to see a lot and embody a lot. He opened the innermost depths of life. I like his work a monumental imagery, increased sensitivity, ability to give up all the external drama. Hence, the main artistic principle of Jacques Ikhmalyan is the ultimate generalization and identification of the "inner theme" of the image. The work of Jacques Ikhmalyan will find many connoisseurs, will gain well-deserved fame. For in it there is embodiment of big kindness and humanity, nobility and romantic dreams. With the personal participation of Tair Salakhov, the artist receives a workshop and already in 1974, Jacques Ihmalyan, a citizen of Turkey, is admitted to the Union of artists of the USSR.

The first solo exhibition of works by Jacques Ikhmalyan took place in Moscow in 1968, in the Central house of artists. In 1971, an exhibition was held in Vilnius, in 1972 at the house of culture of the Institute of Asian and African peoples in Moscow, in 1973 - at the Academy of public administration in Moscow.

In 1975 he held an exhibition at the Astronomical Institute of Moscow state University. Sternberg, 1978 - solo exhibition in Tartu.

Personal exhibitions in Moscow: in the halls of the Central House of artists, Russian Academy of arts, participation in famous exhibitions of Art-myth, international Art fair HUDGRAF, Europe-art, FIAC, Art Stage Singapore 2012, Art Delhi in 2013, the Embassy of Greece in Istanbul in 2013 he held an exhibition of paintings Jacques Ihmalyan from private collections.

"Nowadays, it is becoming clearer that the art of Jacques, entered into eternity now. People need it. So, the fate of the artist, no matter how life develops, blessed and happy." (Sergei Zeke " Orange world-for Jacques.")

In Moscow

to June 17, 2018

the personal exhibition of Jacques Ikhmalyan is held


Bolchoi. Tishinsky pereulok, 19, A (Nico gallery)

from 17.00 to 21.00,

except Monday, Tuesday.

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