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Moscow city landscape. Nina Belokhvostova and Yulia Kalmykova.

Yulia Kalmykova and Nina Belokhvostova are on friendly terms long ago,
together once visited a fine art studio of the house of pioneers of the Krasnopresnensky area which was headed by the famous landscape writer and the teacher Yaroslava Borisovna Kaplan.

The Moscow city landscape - one of the main subjects in works of artists.
They were born, grew up in this city and tirelessly write a unique kaleidoscope of its streets, embankments, squares, yards for three decades.
In their works of painting Moscow is very recognized.
But these artists are individual, independent in the images created by them, intonations and ways of transfer of thin Moscow charm, romanticism, elegance and beauty. It isn't simple to this magic city to survive.
Some enigmatically he manages to save the unique face and expressiveness contrary to all influence of external brute forces, often thoughtlessly and ruthlessly breaking already developed historical image of the city. And these authors are able to see its primordial ineradicable beauty opened and estimated at youth.

Moscow feeds their imagination, and the creative friendship and work in one space of a workshop supports their creative fortress and persistence. Is available examples of such long fruitful creative union a little.

Kalmykova Yulia of Ph. 8 (916)1856351
Belokhvostova Nina of Ph.: 8(909)9584068

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Kalmykova Julija

Kalmykova Julija
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