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"Three cold poles" of Lilija Slavinskaya (Fillo). The exhibition is open!

On January 17 in the Russian-German House in Moscow
with assistance of the International union of the German culture
the personal exhibition of the unique artist Lilija Slavinskaya (Fillo)
"Three cold poles" will open.
Painting. Graphics. The photo" where the works created during the expeditions to the Arctic, Antarctic and Tibet will be submitted.
Exhibition from January 17 to March 17, 2017
Address of an exhibition and opening day:
Moscow, Malaya Pirogovskaya St., house 5.
Photo album:  Арктика. Земля Франца Иосифа. Фотографии. Лилия Славинская. 2014 год.

"Three cold poles" of Lilija Slavinskaya (Fillo). 17 January 2017. more

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